Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The beginning - a good place to start

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. We're pretty much programmed through fairy tales to find our prince, fall in love and have the most amazing wedding day. What those fairy tales failed to tell us however was how the princess chose her venue, who helped her come up with a colour scheme? As I grew older my infatuation with wedding planning grew, until finally I was asked to become a Bridesmaid. Many, MANY weddings later and I'm now a walking talking wedding how-to guide.
Being asked to become a Bridesmaid is definitely a bittersweet moment. On one hand your helping one of your nearest and dearest prepare for her big day, but on the other hand you've just signed up to about a year of sleepless nights and double shifts. Bridesmaid duties can consume as many hours as your regular full time job, and suddenly you've realised you now replace sleep - with coffee!
You'll become her stylist, mother, PA, emotional punching bag, shoulder to cry on but most of all - her voice of reason! Planning a wedding is pretty overwhelming and it grows on you like a pimple on an oily teenager - So before you see the bride reaching for yet another meter of tulle - your job is to control the nut bag. Remind her to keep her eyes on the prize and not let this wedding eat her alive!
Trust me it's all worth it in the end, to see that bride walk down that isle without a hitch. You almost give yourself a pat on the back thinking - I helped her get up there!

Lucky for you I have your back - This blog is dedicated to all the clueless brides, and bridesmaids out there who need a little nudge in the right direction.

Hope it helps !

Kristina x

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